Karavitakis winery facilities were built in 1999 in Pontikiana village. The building has 2 levels. One basement and one ground floor covering totally 600 square meters and also surrounding area of 4000 square meters. In the basement we keep the inox tanks and also the barrel section for wine ageing and maturation. The special construction of the building where 3 sides of the basement are surrounded by soil allow ideal stable annual temperatures between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius. On the ground floor lies the bottling line and also the warehouse of the bottled wines. The building has been built from traditional stone and wood. The winery has all the modern means for producing and packaging wine, completely inox tanks and is an autonomous wine production unit. In the basement level more than 300 barrels are stored made from French and American oak containing 225 or 300 liters each.

Karavitakis winery also has a special building where a traditional distilling device ,of small capacity, is stored. Also next to the main building lies the traditional Chapel of Saint Tryfonas tutelar saint of wine makers.

After significant changes, our facilities can host visitors throughout the year. They will be given a guided tour and explanation of the wine making procedure and also most importantly they will have the chance to taste our products. After that they will be able to purchase if they want our wines and even rare vintages that can't be found easily on the market.

Pontikiana Kissamos | Municipality of Platanias |Chania Crete