Karavitakis family was always cultivating grapes and olive trees. Until now this was and still is the main family's occupation. As a result wine, raisins and oil was produced in their private owned land. Vineyards and olive groves which belong to Karavitakis family are located in Pontikiana village in Kolymvari area of Chania in Crete.

In this area Romeiko grape variety existed as monoculture. These grapes produced a high volume oxidized reddish wine also known with the nickname ''marouvas'' . In 1985 a famous disease of vineyards called phylloxera destroyed all the grape properties which were planted in the area. After that, almost every vineyard owner planted olive trees as a safer choice for the future. Karavitakis family remained loyal to its heritage and replanted the vineyards. Vinification takes place at that time in the old winery which covers the standards of ''house wine'' production.

Today's estate owner Manolis Karavitakis having influences from his studies in Italy, reorganizes the family's vineyards and plants new varieties in 30000 square meters of private owned vineyards. In 1999 he begins to build the new winery. New machinery and technology is incorporated in this winery. Also exclusive cooperation with vineyard owners of the area is established.

Within these years many well known labels have been produced and Karavitakis winery is among the most well known wineries in Crete.

Pontikiana Kissamos | Municipality of Platanias |Chania Crete