The Company

Karavitakis winery was created from Manolis Karavitakis who until today is the owner. The company was founded in 1998 when just two labels were the company's portfolio: Ampelonas White and Ampelonas Red. The winery started being built in 1999 in Pontikiana village located west from Chania city in Crete, and was completed the following year. Facilities at that point covered just the production purposes. In 2009 the winery is renovated, new machinery is incorporated and the surrounding area is developed so that visitors can be hosted.

The company has 30000 square meters of private vineyards close to the winery where most of the grapes needed are cultivated. Also many local vineyard owners have established a cooperation with the winery for selling their grapes to Karavitakis estate.

Within these years Karavitakis estate has created and continues to produce several high quality wines from native and international varieties with great success. Also a unique dessert wine from Romeiko variety was produced. This type of wine was never considered possible and gave a significant ''push'' to our local variety which was neglected.

Today Karavitakis estate produces between 85000 and 95000 thousand bottles per year with the potential of 300000 bottles top, based on the existing infrastructure. These wines are mainly sold in Greece and also in other countries. The company plans to buy and plant 20000 square meters of vineyards and also fund the construction of new building facilities for production reasons.

The estate's goal is to grow gradually the annual selling volumes in a way that quality is ensured and also expand it's distribution in more countries.

Pontikiana Kissamos | Municipality of Platanias |Chania Crete